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Hmmm...don't take this the wrong way dude, but I think that this buildup could have been a little bit more creative than this. I was ex...

Now this was fairly creative indeed! The illustrations misleads the viewer to think she's gonna see the seal staring at her smiling...o...

This is way a good way to transition. While this technique is not original by any means, it still leaves the reader wondering "what's h...

A simple but funny in it's own right gag scare. Seeing a the shadow of what appears to be a terrible creature but then having it turn o...

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Childlike Empress Extended refusal to Bastian NES3
Did you know that in an earlier draft of "The Never Ending Story 3", when Bastian asked why he couldn't just wish the lost Fantasians back, the empress gave him an actual reason other than, "No Bastian". Here it is for you all to see
Now all of Celesteville was in a total panic! The hunter who they thought had perished years ago was alive and was out to revoke their protection rights so that he could hunt them all again! And the biggest non-conservatve hate group on earth and the second biggest (and most misognist) were on his side!

Naturally, all the citizens were swarming the palace asking Babar about what they were going to do. He had no idea so he eventually had the barricade the palace doors tight.

“Oh Celeste...” Babar said miserably. “I’m...I just have no idea what to do!”

“There there BAbar.” Celeste said kindly. “You’ve just been under so much stress.”

“I’m the king.” Babar said. “Everyone turns to ME for guidance...”

“We turned to you for guidance before you were king.” Celeste pointed out. “Do you remember when we were children and the hunter was after us? We probably all would have been dead if you hadn’t taught us all the information about humans! Everyone looks up to you because you’re so smart and resourceful.”

“Celeste,your words are very kind to me.” Babar said. “But I’m afraid I just don’t know what to do if we lose the court case....”

“I know Babar!” Zephir said.

“You do?” Babar asked surprised. “What’s that?”

“Remember when Rataxes was on those drugs which made him a  power hungry dictator out to enslave all the elepants? We scared him off with a fake giant mammoth monster!”

“I’m afraid that prop was destroyed in a fire a few years ago.” Celeste said sadly.

“And besides.” said Babar. “The hunter won’t fall for something that fake looking. Rataxes is just an idiot, whether he’s a tyrant or a dork. And neither will the WBC.”

“Or DAvid J. Stewart!” Flora shouted entering along with the other kids and Babar’s parents.

“Hi Babar, just took the kids for a walk.” Adeline said.

“Dad, I’ve been looking at this David STewart guy online, and he’s a big male chauvinist!” Flora cried.

“OH FLora, some men are just...”

“Read some of these articles he says against feminism.” Flora said.

Babar scanned through  a few..

“Oh my goodness....” Babar said. “He’s...he’s a total misognist!”

“But he seems so persuasive!” Flora cried. “Daddy, is this who’s going to write teh hunters speech for court?”

“Flora, this issue reminds me of a story when I was just a boy.” Babar said. “It all started when...”

Babar, we don’t have time for one of your flashback stories!” Celeste cried. “We are in a serious dilema here!”

“The only thing I suppose we can do is testify in court and share our side of it.” Babar shrugged.

“When are we leaving dad?” Pom asked.

“You children are staying here.” Babar said. “This is for your mother and I too....”

“Babar, I don’t want the kids staying here without us.” Celeste said. “With all these picketers and the hunter still alive...they could be in danger.”

“Dear, they’ll have Pompadour and Cornelius to look after them.”

“Actually honey, Pompadour is coming too.” Celeste said. “He’s been receiving a considerable amount of hate from the protesters lately and wants to get away. Listen.”

“Go to hell you mammoth fag!” the picketers were shouting.

An annoyed Pompadour gathered stormed off while Cornelius gave him a sad look.

“Well what about Cornelius?” Babar asked.

“They seem to think he’s goth.” Celeste replied. “And they hate goths too.”

“Very well.” said Babar. “I suppose it might be for the better for the children to come. They can see their father finally put that menace in its place once and for all!”

“I wanna kick his butt!” Alexander cried.

“I wanna circumsize him!” ISabelle cried (who was the youngest at age five).

“Isabelle!” Celeste gasped. “Where on earth did you hear that?!”

“From the people outside.” Isabelle said.

Zephir suddenly entered.

“Babar, you’ve got to do something about those protesters.” Zephir said. “They’re driving everybody nuts!”

“They unfortunately will not see reason and leave.” said Babar. “They have a right to be here so we cannot legally make them...”

“Maybe Rataxes can help us get rid of them.” Cornelius suggested.

“Oh no!” Babar cried. “I’m still sore with him after what he did to my parents! Besides, he knows nothing about attacking..unless he takes the pills again.”

“Well we certainly don’t want that again.” Adeline said.

“No mother, we certainly do not.” replied Babar.

“Son, I’m coming too.” said Adeline. “It’s time I started making up for my mother duties I missed when you were a child.”

“Mother, I think you and dad would be safer...”

With these picketers?!” Adeline cried.

BAbar sighed. “No...I suppose not....alright, so it’s Celeste, the children, Pompadour, Cornelius,  you, father and I who’s going. No one else.”

“Babar let me come too!” Zephir cried running in.

“Zephir, I’m sorry but I can only take so many people to the trial and...”

“They think I’m mentally disabled!” Zephir cried. “They said I’m just like those mentally challenged monsters who.....”

“Alright! Fine! You can come too Zephir! But NOBODY ELSE!”

Troubadour, Babar’s mute diminiative assistant raised his hand.

“No Troubadour, you can’tcome.” Babar said teresely.

Troubadour’s head sunk low in disappointment.

“Hey dad look!” Pom cried looking out the window. “The picketers are leaving!”

“Oh thank God!” screamed Babar. And indeed they were. They were all packing up their signs and followung Fred PHelps.

“Thank you so much for leaving!” Celeste cried.

“We’re not leaving to make you happy.” said Fred Phelps. “We’re leaving to picket those civilized rhinos before the trial!”

Everyone looked very worried...but Babar was the least worried among them.

“Daddy, are they gonna hurt the rhinos?” Isabelle asked sadly.

“Unfortuantely, I’m sure they won’t dear.” said Babar.

“Babar!” ADeline scolded.

“No dear, they won’t make their move yet.” said Babar. “But the hunter and them both will in court unless we present a great case.”

“How do we do that?” Celeste asked.

“Simple my dear: we get a lawyer.” said Babar. “And I know just who: Ellen Elephant.”

“I thought that she just defended welfare malpractice here in Celesteville.” Celeste said.

“She does, but I’m sure she’ll take our case pro bono since our kingdom is jeopardy.”

“You could just force her to take it as king dad.” Pom said.

“Oh son, that wouldn’t be just now would it?” Babar asked.

“Besides, I’m sure she would be happy ot accept the case.” Celeste added. “Considering that our whole city is in jeopardy.”

So Babar went to go and see her at once.

“I would be more than happy to take your case your majesty.” said Ellen. For a price.”

“A price?!” Babar gasped. “Ms. Elephant, the whole city of Celesteville is in major jeopardy, and you may be our only hope of stopping the hunter from getting our protection rights revoked! And you’re saying you want MONEY!”

“I do not work pro bono sir.” she replied.

“How much do you want?” Babar asked.

“I’m not expensive though. I’ll take the case for a hundred bucks.”

“Sold!” Babar cried and they shook trunks.

While Babar was packing to leave for Paris and fight the hunter and Westboro Baptist Church, there was a knock on the door.

“Is that you Celeste?” BAbr called.

“No Babar, it’s madame.” Madame called out.

“Oh, come in.” Babar said.

Madame entered.

“Packing for the trip?” she asked.

“Yes. I believe I have everything. Just gotta make sure Troopoadour knows what to say when the people have questions while I’m gone.

“But Troopadour can’t speak.” said madame.

“I know. That’s why I put him in charge.” Babar replied. “They’ll eventually get bored of not getting any response from him and leave.”

“Oh babar!” Madame laughed.

The next morning, everybody was packedand ready to leave for Paris.

“We just need to go fetch Ella and we’re all set.” said Babar.

But Ella did not show up. Babar called her.

“Ella? Are you ready?” Babar asked.

“Nope! The hunter said he’d let me live if I didn’t help you! You’re on your own sir!”

BAbar was speechless. “Now what will we do?!”

“Um...there is one other person who could help us....” Cornelius said.

“REally? Who?” Babar asked.

“Basil.....” he said.

“Basil?!” Babar cried. Basil was the rhino King Rataxes diminuitive right hand man. He was good natured, but didn’t have the sharpest tusks in the jungle.

“When Rataxes went insane, Basil left and took a study in the rhinoland law school. Perhaps he can help us in court.”

“I guess we have no other options.” Babar shrugged. “Off to Rhino Land.”

When they arrived there, they found the WBC yelling and shouting outside of Rataxes palace!

“That’s great. How will we get in?” Alexander asked.

“Through the backdoor!” Flora cried. “Victor showed it to me!”

Victor was King RAtaxes son. So they went in and found Rataxes annoyed in his bedroom.

“Oh Basil, make those picketers stop! My wife needs her beauty sleep!” he cried.  “And you know how cranky she gets without it!”

“I’ll try my best your rhiness.” Basil said and went out to the balcony.

“Hey everybody!” he called. “Um...the king’s wife Lady RAtaxes needs her rest...and she can be real cranky without it and...can cause real rampages.. so...could you...maybe picket somewhere else?”

The WEstboro picketers all looked at one another. Then Fred Phelp’s wife Margie stepped in.

“Every disaster is a sign from God you little demon!” she called. “If she rampages, it’s because God is angry with the fags and you animals for going against the way he made the earth!”

And they continued shouting and picketing.

“Rataxes?” Babar asked.

Rataxes spun around and gasped.

“Babar?! What are you doing here?!”

“We need a favor.” he replied. “You’ve no doubt heard the dreadful news right?”

“That these picketers are annoying my wife? Yes indeed.”

“No no no. About the hunter.”

“The hunter?” Rataxes asked. “What about him?”

“He’s alive.” Babar said. “And he’s out to sue to get the Celesteville Protection Act revoked. We’re going to court to stop him and the Westboro Baptist Church from revoking our rights, but our lawyer bailed out on us. We were wondering...could we borrow Basil for the case?”

“Basil?” Rataxes asked. “Why would you want him for? He’s a nice fellow yes, but...”

“And I am a lawyer too.” Basil said. “Went to law school.”

“WhaT?!” RAtaxes gasped. “And when did you do this?”

“When you became a power hugnry dictator from those new meds, I went to law school and got my education. And I’d be happy to help them sir.”

“Why should I let Basil help you?” RAtaxes asked. “It’s your rights they’re after, not ours.”

“Rataxes, you don’t have any protection rights.” Celeste pointed out.

“What?! That’s ridiculous! Of course we do! Right Basil?”

“ sir we don’t.” Basil  said sheepishly.

“WHAT?!” RAtaxes screamed.

“My city obtained the rights because the humans in France know and love me.” Babar said. “They don’t know you RAtaxes because you never came to RhinoLand is public domain for any hunter. But they don’t know this yet and if you help me, I’ll convince them to set up a Protection ACt for Rhinoland as well.”

“!” RAtaxes said. “We’ll just stampede and scare those hunters and protesters off!”

“Rataxes, remember what happened the last time someone tried that?” Babar said refering to when the then non civilized elephants decided to stampede and trample the hunters, only to be captured very quickly.

“And the time when YOU got captured trying to ram into the hunter’s truck when he returned to catch us all?” Celeste asked.

“We all may be civilized now, but the hunter is very evil and very powerful.” BAbar said. “We need to use our wits to outsmart him. Now please let me have Basil come and help us.”

“Very well.” Rataxes said. “But I’d like to come too. And so would my wife and Victor.”

“What on earth for?” Babar asked.

“To get them away from these picketers!” he cried. “They’re driving us all nuts!”

“Very well.” said BAbar. “Now come with us.”

“What? We’re leaving right now?” Rataxes asked.

“That’s right. The trial is tomorrow.” Babar replied. “And we need to be ready.”

So they all headed to the car...but unfortunately there was no room for all sixteen of them.

“We can fly there.” suggested Cornelius.

“No, the picketers will be waiting for us at the airport.” Babar said. “And I’m getting pretty sick of Fred Phelps and his team of ultra conservatives.”

“you should see waht they do at funerals.” Madame said. “People have actually tried forming blockades to stop them from ruuining the memorial with their hate speech.”

“How about a...tran?” Adeline suggested.

“What’s a tran?” Alexander asked.

“That...thing that pulls all those boxes on wheels..” Roueblard said.

“Oh, a train!” Babar said. “That’s a wonderful idea! They won’t expect us there!”

So they arrived at the human station and all went aboard. They looked around. No sign of the picketers.

Boarding the train, Babar smiled at Celeste.

“I think that we gave those hooligans the slip, don’t you?” Babar asked Celeste smiling.

“I think that you’re right.” Celeste said with a grin. And they were right. No picketers were in sight..but there was another burden: the press.

“There they are!” a reporeter cried. “I told you they would come here instead of the airport!”

They all ran over to him.

“King Babar, what’s your plan to stop him?!”

“Do you have a lawyer?!”

“The king has no comments at this time!” Cornelius shouted. “But yes, we dohave a lawyer. Right here!”

Basil stepped in.

“Hello world! I’m Basil, King Rataxes personal assitant!”

“Who is King RAtaxes?!”

“What law school did you go to that allows animals?!”

“Aren’t you a little short for a rhino?!”

Everyone else went to another trian car.

Adeline stepped in and smiled.

“Babar, I know you’re stressed now.” she said. “But you needn’t be. You’ve got us all with you.”

“Thank you mother.” Babar said. “But I’m afraid I’m not sure that’s going to be enough to defeat the hunter.”

“Babar, you’ve beaten him twice now!” Adeline praised him. “And I slowed him down once. Everything will be okay in the end. I promise you.”

Babar hugged his mother.
What happens when the 80s televisions most beloved elephant meets his not-quite dead old enemy and the world's biggest (and most infamous) non-conservative hate group? Hillarity!

“May I come out now Caleste?” King Babar called from inside his room.

“Not yet Babar.” Caleste replied.

“I don’t see why I’ve got to stay in here.” Babar said. “I mean who could possibly be coming that would require me to wait in here until they show up?”

“It’s a surprise.” Caleste replied.

Babar was confused. As the king of Calesteville, and the one who had saved his herd from the hunter  and introduced them to civilization, he deserved info on these matters.

All of a sudden, Babar's two trusted advisors, Cornelius and Pompadour showed up.

"I say Caleste, how is our king doing?" he asked.

"He's wondering why he has to stay in his room until the guest shows up." Caleste replied. "By the way, any news from madame?"

"She called and said she would be there know who very shortly."

"I'd love to know who that "you know who" is." Babar said.

"You'll find out soon enough." Caleste said.

For those who do not know about Babar, here's a quick summary: born to an initially non civilized herd of elephants, Babar lived his friends and mother happily in the jungle..until one day, a cold hearted hunter came and threatened their existence. Babar's mother had been shot carrying her son to safety, leaving him very upset (sound familiar?) But while preventing the hunter from shooting another friend of his, he got separated from the fleeing group and eventually wound up in Paris France, where a kind lady took him in. After learning Babar could speak, she taught him the ways of mankind, and he returned to his herd and used his knowledge to rid themselves of the hunter and to start a civilization. After successfully doing the latter of the two, Babar was appointed king after the old one died from eating poisoned mushrooms and they built a city in the jungle known as "Calesteville". While the hunter did initially recover from his shock of talking animals and tried to attack the now civilized herd once again, he eventually was engulfed in an enormous fire which HE had started and appeared to be dead. Eventually Babar married his friend Caleste and had four children named Pom, Alexander, Flora and Isabelle.

“Mom, mom they’re here!” Alexander cried running.

“Alright Babar, come on out.”

Babar slowly opened the bedroom door looking awfully confused.

“So, who is this guest who’s coming to visit me? Jean de Brunhoff?”

“No sireee! Even better!” Pompadour said with excitement.

“By tusks, much better!” Cornelius added.

“Well, alright. Let’s go see the visitor.” Babar said and followed the group out to the palace front door. There was Madame.

“Madame?” Babar asked.

“Hello Babar.” Madame said smiling. “I haven’t seen you in quite a while!”

“It’s good to see you too, but...I don’t understand why I had to wait in my room until...”

“She’s not the surprise guest Babar.” Caleste said smiling.

“Then who is?” Babar asked.

Everyone smiled. And the guest entered...Babar nearly fainted.

"M...mother?!" Babar gasped.

“Hello my little...I mean...big Babar!” she said with tears in her eyes.

Babar ran over and started hugging and kissing her.

“Oh mother...I’ve missed you so much!” he cried.

“I’ve missed you too dear.” she said. “But I’m very proud of you.”

“But....I don’t understand.” said Babar. “The hunter shot you dead years ago....”

“Babar, I’ll explain everything in a moment.” she said. “But first we’d like to meet your family.”

“We?” Babar asked.

Just then, another elephant stepped out. A male one.

“Babar...this is your father. Roubelard.”

“Hello son.” Roueblard said smiling. “It’s so wonderful to meet you in person. I can’t tell you how proud it is to have you for a son.”

Babar was petrified.

“Come on, we’ll talk in the living room son.” Babar’s mother whose named was Adeline said.

in the living room everyone sat down by the warm fire getting reaquainted.

"Hello Caleste. You've grown up so much." Adeline said.

'Thank you Adeline." Caleste said. "Children, come meet your grandmother."

“So you must be my grandchildren.” Adeline said. "Flora, Pom, Alexander and...Belle?"

"Isabelle." she corrected.

"Oh right sorry!" she said. "Oh it's so nice to meet you four at last!"

“That’s right grandma!” Pom replied.

“It’s so crazy that you’re alive.” Alexander said.

“Alexander!” Caleste scolded.

“No, he’s right.” Adeline said smiling. “It IS crazy. It’s a crazy story too.”

“I’d really love to hear it.” Babar said.

“And so you shall.” Adeline said. "I hear you enjoy telling your kids stories about your it's time they hear the one you never mentioned."

"What happened, were you zapped by lightning and returned to life?" Alexander asked.

"What's he talking about?" Adeline asked confused.

"Son, your grandmother isn't too aware of human life yet." Babar said. "Please tell us mother. We're dying to hear."

“Well that day the hunter first arrived in our jungle I was indeed shot by the hunter...but in the leg. However, I knew the hunter would stop chasing you if he thought I was dead and had succeeded in catching an elephant, so I pretended tovdrop down dead and let him capture me.”

“You pretended you were dead to save us all Adeline?” Cornelius asked.

“Yes.” Babar’s mother replied. “And most of all, my little Babar.”

Babar blushed.

“Oh, I remember you crying when you thought I was dead that day...I really wanted to tell you I was fine sweetie, but I knew that I had to protect you, so I just laid there acting lifeless. Fortunately, the hunter never checked my pulse and when left to get his men to start cuting my ivory up.  I made a dash for it. I tried to find the herd again, but never had any I went to find your father Roueblard in Rhino Land."

“Why were you in Rhinoland?” Babar asked.

“Babar...when your mother was pregnant with you, she had a to cure her, I needed a flower from otuside Rataxes cave. He agreed on condition that I would be his ramming post for the next three years. With no other options I agreed. Your mother and I both agreed that it would be better if you met me AFTER the deal was paid off, because we felt you would be ver upset if you met me but then could rarely see me...”

"I found your dad and explained what had happened. He agreed that I had done a very brave thing and Rataxes agreed to let me stay with him and be Basil's (King Rataxes sycophant right hand mans) ramming post. However, we soon discovered everything you had done and wanted to leave the now civilized Rhinoland to come and see you...but Rataxes wouldn't let we tried sneaking out one night...but got caught and received another 30 years of being their ramming posts. But we finally got released and found Madame who helped US becomecivilized too. We want to live in your palace too sweetie."

“wHy of course!” Babar cried. "And tomorrow, I'm going to have a few words with Rataxes about this prisoner thing.

"Forget it Babar." said Caleste. "We don't want anymore trouble with him."

"Very well." said Babar. "But as for you two, I'd like to organize a welcoming ceremony for you both! Cornelius, when's the soonest we ca do it?"

“Tonight, if you;d like siree.” Cornelius said.

“Very well! Pompadour, get the whole kingdom outside the palace at once!”

"Yes sir!" Pompadour cried proudly.

"I still think you should have clobbered Rataxes." Roueblard said. "He's a total for the time he started taking that new medication and became a power hungry tyrant who tried to overthrow your kingdom and enslave the elepahtns forever."

"Lady Rataxes burned all those pills ages ago." said Adeline. "But no, i agree with Caleste. Avodiing trouble is the best thing to do.

Soon all of Calesteville was there at the ceremony, the front row seat being saved for Caleste's brother ARthur and their best friend Zephir the monkey, who ran the local malt shop.

"It's so nice to be meeting Babar's parents huh Arthur?" Zephir asked.

"I'll say." ARthur replied. "I never knew his father and only knew his mom very briefly."

Babar meanwhile was getting into his best suit and preparing himself to go on stage.

“Need some help dear?” Adeline asked her son kindly.

“I’ll be quite alright mother.” Babar said smiling.

“I’m very proud of you son.” she said kissing him.

“I am too Babar.” Roueblard added. “I wish I knew you when you were just a boy.”

“I had help.” he said modestly.

“It’s time sirree.” Pompadour said to Babar.

“Righto.” Babar said bracing himself. “Now mother, father, wait from outside the balcony door and come out when I tell you to.”

As Babar stepped onto the palace Balcony, everyone started applauding and cheering.

“Citizens of Calesteville!” Babar announced. “As many of you remember, it was a tragic day when the hunter attacked our jungle! And for years I believed that my mother had been one of his victims. But on this day, she has returned alive and well! And a true hero, for it was faking her death that saved us all from that menace yeras ago!  And now citizens, for the first time in years, I welcome my mother and my father to meet you all!”

Roueblard and Adeline stepped onto the balcony next to their son and CAleste and waved.

“I say Pompadour, are you crying?” Cornelius asked Pompadour.

“What? Oh no Cornelisus!” Pompadour said. “I just...was hot..”

“In Springtime.” Cornelius chuckled. “OH Pompadour...”

But suddenly, the mood was shattered by shouting, screaming and booing.

Everyone turned to find a group humans...not hunters but picketers! They were all shouting and booing and holding signs that said stuff like "ANIMALS SHOULD BE SEEN, NOT HEARD!” “ANIMALS WEARING CLOTHES IS AN ABOMINATION TO OUR LORD!” “ANIMALS ARE NOT PEOPLE!” "CIVILIZED ANIMALS ARE WORSE THAN THE FAGS! THEY NEED TO DIE!"

“Cornelius, go down and see what those humans are doing here.” Babar ordered.

Cornelius went.

“I say, who are you people and why are you picketing our ceremony?” Cornelius asked.

Just then an elderly man in a cowboy hat came. It was Reverannd Fred Phelps.

“I’m Fred PHelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church.” Phelps said angrily. “And we’re here because you elephants are an abomination to our Lord JEsus Christ!”

The picketers all cheered in agreement.

Just then Babar came down.

“What on earth are you talking about?” he asked.

“WE usually picket fag funerals and ceremonies. " Phelps explained. "But you animals are far worse! God created humans as the dominant species on our earth.” Phelps said. “Animals were created for the use of humans. You animals wearing clothes, being civilized and intelligent is going against the way of life that the Lord made! You animals are the biggest rebellions against God's authority that we have ever seen! the biggest outrage we’ve ever seen! It’s bad enough fags are allowed human rights and protection, but you animals are the crossing line! When Stuart Pinsent gets that Calesteville PRotection Act revoked, we’re blowing your brains out!”

“Who’s Stuart Pinsent?” Pom asked confused.

Babar gasped. Stuart Pinsent was the name of the hunter who had terrorized them years ago! But he had died in that fire!

"You must be mistaken." Babar said trying to be calm. "Pinsent died in a fire years ago, and..

Madame looked nervous. “Um Babar....”

“Madame, is there something you know?!” Babar cried.

“Babar, I'm sorry.” she said. “I know I should have told you earlier, but I just couldn’t scare you. The hunter survived the fire. His men came back for him and took him straight to the emergency room. He was horribly injured and burned, but he received extensive medical treatment and...he turned out alright. It twas years before he could walk again and  by that time, the CAlesteville Protection ACt was put into effect.

Everybody looked as if Rataxes had said he was gay!

“But it will be put OUT of effect very soon!” another voice said.

Everyone turned to find a man with a short beard standing there.

“Who are you?” Flora asked.

“David J. Stewart, founder of” he replied. “And while I do think the Westboro members take their homosexual proteseting too far, you elephants are another story! You are the greatest sin the earth has ever had! Animals are to be BELOW humans! It’s the law of God!”

"We're gonna blow your f---ing brains out when that act is revoked." said Phelps. "We'd do the same to fags if we could."

“Well, I find that quite outrageous if I do say so!” Pompadour cried.

“And we find it quite outrageous that you’re a talking animal AND a fag!” Fred Phelps screamed at Pompadour.

“What?!” Pompadour gasped. “ME?! Homosexual? Why on earth would you think that?”

Everyone looked at each other nervously..

“I come off as gay sirree?” Pompadour gasped.

“That’s not important right now Pompadour.” Babar said and turned to the WEstboro Baptist church picketers.

“Listen very carefully!” he said. “You all leave my kingdom at once! This was supposed to be the happiest day of my life and you’re ruining it!”

“Like we care ya spawn of Satan!” a picketer yelled.

“I’ll have you know that I got the best of that hunter twice! As a boy! And I’m going to stop him yet again! In court!”

“Don’t you DARE come to that trial!” Phelps screamed. “You animals have no place in our society!”

“We do and we will!” Babar said. “We’re leaving tomorrow!”

Everyone started booing and shouting at the elephants again, when a swarm of cars pulled up and helicopters started landing. And out came newsreporters running up to Babar.

“King Babar, are you nervous about your protection being in jeopardy?!”

“Do you plan to come to the trial next week?!”

“What do you plan to do if the ACt is revoked?!”

"Are you going to come to America?!"

“No comment! No comment!” Babar said.

A newsporter than came and stepped in front of Babar.

“Hi, I’m here in Calesteville with King Babar himself! As you all know, this elephant, who introduced something the world had never seen before: a society of civilized animals with total protection from hunters and shooting. But now for the first time, these rights are in jeapordy! As retired game hunter Stuart  Laurent Pinsent, who had been a targeting these elephants before their step to civilization is suing to have the Act revoked on the grounds that they do not deserve the protection! Will he succeed?”

“He sure as hell will!” Fred Phelps cried.

“He’s going to purify the sin you see before you!” David J. Steart addded.

“Unbelievable! Here we have Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred PHelps and founder of the wesbite come David J. Stewart. Both of whom are infamous for your notorious hate speech against homosexuality, feminism, abortion...”

None of the rpeorter noticed that the Calesteville citizens had left, while Babar and the other palace residetns along with Zephir and gone inside and barricaded the door!

“Daddy, I’m scared!” Flora cried.

“Everything will be fine FLora.” Babar said, though he wasn’t sure it would be.

“What if the act really is revoked and the hunter can come and kill us!?” Alexander asked in horror.

“Children, I defeated him twice! And I’ll do it again!” Babar said.

“I believe in your father children.” Madame said.

“I do too.” said Adeline. “He’s done so much since he was very young...I believe he can do almost anything.”

“Thank you mother.” said Babar. “Now, let’s all go,....wait aminute...where’s ISabelle?”

Everyone looked but realized they had left Isabelle outside!

“Come on Caleste.” Bbar said. “Mother, will you put my children to bed?”

“Of course dear.” Adeline said. “Come on kids.”

Caleste and Babar went out frantically searching for ISabelle when the journalists found them!

“King Babar, we’d like a few questions!” a reporter said.

“We’re looking for our youngest daughter Isabelle!” Babar cried. “HAs anybody seen her?”

“Here she is.” a voiced said.

Babar turned and gasped! There holding Isabelle’s hand...was the hunter! Babar could hardly believe that he had actually survived being engulfed by those flames, but it appeared to be so. The hunter now looked very different though. Nearlyall of his skin was badly burned and charred and what wasn’t was now just blood red scars. All of his hair was burned off leaving him bald as an egg, but there was still a bit of gray hair where hus mustache was. The hunter now looked just as awful on the outside as he was on the inside.

“Here you are.” the hunter said. “Least I could do since I’m going to shoot you and capture your kingdom in just a week!”

“In your dreams you son of a bitch!” Babar cried.

“We’ll see about that.” the hunter said. “I may regret ever attacking your herd to begin with as it made you elephants smart and civilized, but you made a fool of me and every hunter out there and we’re going to destroy you all as soon as the the Act is revoked!

“If you do get it revoked, we’ll stop you like we did the first two times!” Babar said.

“Good luck.” said the hunter. “Becaue just about every game hunter from every country is joining me on this hunt, along with the Westboro Baptist church whose gonna help the world realize that you animals are not deserving of protection! And I’m going to kill you AND your wife and brother in law!”

“Why?” Babar asked.

‘Because they helped you cause all that trouble that defeated me the first time.” said the hunter. “As for your kids, I might let them live and sell them...if you don’t give us much trouble during the hunt...”
Hmmm...don't take this the wrong way dude, but I think that this buildup could have been a little bit more creative than this. I was expecting her to be like in the water with the seal staring at her...or see her dreaming that her freinds see her as a memraid and capture her...then she wakes up and thinks it was a dream but then finds that she really IS a mermaid. Not a bad way to carry the story I guess, but not one of the most creative ideas that you have had in my book. That said, it wasn't AWFUL...I just feel like you coulda thought of something a little better
Sequel to "A real-training school"

This is the story of Benjamin McGloat
a man whose wife we would not promote.
For she was a golddigger, one in plain sight.
She only married Ben cause he looked rich that night.
But upon finding out he really was poor
she wanted to leave right out the door
till she received an offer similar to that of Mrs. Ns.
Bringing more strife to a person again.
It’s time for another poem that will make you nervous!
The terrible secret of the McCreek boating service!

IT all started one hot Thursday afternoon.
A real hot day. Even for June.
Ben was working in the hot sun
since his office was being renovated? And it sure wasn’t fun.
But while doing so, his cell phone rang.
Seeing it was from his wife, he immediately sprang
right up on his feet and accepted the call.
He hoped he wouldn’t have to work outside in fall.

“Yes dear, it’s Ben.” he answered quickly.
His wife’s voice sounded really rather sickly.

“I heard that you have to cancel our trip!”
she cried sounding like she was going to flip.

“I’m really sorry Matilda.” he apologized ashamed.
“My work schedule was more than my boss had claimed.
He said we’d off much more time than I’ve got.
How much work do I have? Well, really quite a lot!”

“You promised me Ben!” his wife snapped back.
“Keeping promises is a quality that you apparently lack!
So you get us a vacation by the end of the week!
Unless a new wife is what you now seek!”

“Dear, I don’t know if I can do it by then!”
“You’d better, or else I’m leaving you Ben!”

“I’ll do my best dear.” he said and hung up.
He most certainly did not want to have to break up
with his wife Matilda, whom he loved quite greatly.
Not wondering why she was acting so weird now lately.

You may have read the story of the McGoiter training school.
which had a dark secret, more scary than a ghoul.
Anthony Wayne was its last victim
cause Mrs. Nicholson the spy had personally picked him
out of her class. And then he was changed.
But accepted this for life. He didn’t feel deranged.

But did you know McGoiter had a cousin?
Who ran a similar program that lured people by dozen?
But his thing was a service for couples alone.
It searched for golddigging spouse who were really prone
to accepting cash by all possibly means.
From welfare fraud, to selling lima beans!
And Ben’s boss knew about this why?
Cause he was really McCreek’s spy!
He hired people who had a cruel spouse
as dirty and dishonest as a filthy old louse
and offered for their cooperation a ton of cash in their place!
If they refused their memories they’d erase.
They told them to complain like news of the nation
about their spouse never being able to go on vacation!
Then they’d take care of the rest,
believing their methods were just the best!
And out of all his new employees, as you probably guessed.
Ben’s spouse was the only one who said yes!

So Ben just sat there, not sure what to do.
He had to get his wife a vacation, or else they’d be through!
He thought and thought for quite a while.
Then he suddenly got a big smile!

“I know what to do!” he proclaimed without slowness.
“I’ll ask Mrs. Jefferson for a big bonus!
I’ll have to work harder to pay it all back!
But at least Matilda and I will be back on track!”

So he rushed for her office, faster than a jack rabbit
and then forgetting about his bad habbit
he entered the office without even knocking.
But the look on her face was not super shocking.

“Hello Mr. McGloat.” Ms. Jefferson said smiling.
“I do hope that you have finished piling
all those reports of our stock over the month
Cause we just might have made our golden billionth
dollar from all of our super real hard work!
Sorry bragging is one of my real bad quirks!”

“I finished the piling.” Ben said eagerly
“So I just have a favor that’s really meagerly
to ask you before I clock out for the day.”
“Of course Mr. McGLoat. YOu ask right away.”

“I was wondering if I could have a small bonus.
AFter all, working hard is somethign I have proness
to do frequently. It’s for a vacation
that my wife wants to take. Not to any train station!
But somewhere nice! Like on a big cruise!
I’ll pay it all back! But my wife will get the blues
if she doesn’t get it to go. So may I please have it?
By the way, I really like your nice neck cravat.”

“Perhaps Mr. McGloat. But if you do something for me.”
“What do you want?” Ben asked with sheer glee.

“I’d like you to take McCreek’s boating service.
Oh what’s his first name? Oh yes. It’s Jervis.
He’s looking for employees that he needs right now.
It does offer for lunch some pretty good chow.”

“Hmm..what exactly would I have to do?
As I’m unaware, could you give me a clue?”

“Certainly!” Ms. Jefferson said with a grin.
“It asks for people, both men and women
to come down and work at the harbor for a day.
And for doing so, they offer you a real big pay!
You’ll be doing boat work, it’s not super hard!
But it’s work that’s not soft as sticky old lard!
I’m sure it’s worth it though! Do you accept?
If you say no, I’ll have to reject
your bonus you need for that little trip
aboard that giant and magnificent ship.”

“I’ll consider it. Thank you.” he uncertainly said.
And before leaving, he tipped his head.

He wasn’t sure about this McCreek boating service.
To remind you, McCreek’s first name I think was Jervis.
She didn’t specifically mention what was his hard work.
That made him feel like she was kinda a jerk!
But if there was not other way to earn the money
he’d acce[t it to pay for the vacation with his honey.

When searching through the mail, he got a surprise note
He tore it open quickly with his teeth like a goat.
It was a welfare check! Enough for the vacation!
Soon he and Matilda would be leaving the nation
and going on that wonderful cruise,
and his wife no longer would be having the blues!

When he told his wife she praised him like a goal scorer
But when he left, she got a look of horror!
She called Ms. Jefferson to tell her the news.
Needless to say, they both had the blues!

“What do we do?” she asked her really quite tense
“That welfare check was a total offense
to our master plan to bring him there!
Tell me what to do! And do it with care!

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell ya.” Ms. J said soothingly
“You just have to go groovingly
make sure that check is totally destroyed!
I bet it will be fun to see him annoyed!”

“I agree!” Matilda said in reply.
“Then I’ll be able to  finally go fly
to somewhere fancy and all on my own!
Poor Ben, nice guy, but I wanna live alone!”

So that night, when Ben was no longer awake.
Matilda crept out of bed like a slithering snake
and tore the house apart searching for his check
and made a mess that picking up would be a pain in the neck!
But despite her best efforts, she shockingly found
that the check she was seeking was just not around!

“Where could it be?” she thought to herself.
“Where did he put it? That stupid old elf!”

Then she realized something Ben said before sleeping:
he had taken it to the local bank for safe keeping!
But the bank was closed at this very late hour!
But that wouldn’t stop her from using her power!
Shen then broke in and stole the bank check!
She left a note apologizing for the big window wreck
(not in her name of course)

The next morning, Matilda woke around eight
When she saw her husband Ben, he did not look real great!

“Matilda, the bank says my welfare check was what they lost
in a break in last night! OH my god, what a cost!

“Earn the money another way my dear!
Or else you’ll be getting really sheer
loneliness when I leave you forever!
Love isn’t something you can restore with a lever!

With no other choice, Ben called Mrs. J.
“I’ll do it. Just give me the address right away.”

After receiving it, he hoped in the car.
Matilda came to help him, since they’d be going real far.

When they arrived, Ben gave a huge shriek
when I saw the sight of Mr. McCreek!
He was just like McGoiter! All big and scary!
He wore a spy villain suit, and his face was all hairy!

“Hello Mr. McGoat, ready for work?
It’s not something that you really wanna sherk!”

Ben slowly nodded looking unsure.
But his wife hopped out as if by lure!

The group then went onto a cargo like ship.
Really needed some cleaning..just a friendly tip.

“First, step in here to start your boating service.”
And Ben then entered feeling really super nervous!”

IT looked like a science lab! Like McGoiter’s transformation room!
And then a man who could sure us a groom
overpowered Ben, and strapped him down!
“What are you? the maniac of this here town?!”

McCreek gave a smile, scary for a guy called Jervis!
“It’s time Mr. McGoat, to start your boating service!”

“Help me Matilda! Help out of here quick!”

“Help a loser like you? Oh god, that’d be sick!”

Ben was shocked at his wife’s betrayal!
It wasn’t his fault their marriage was derailed!

And then who entered the room? None of than McGoiter!
He didn’t walk over in a manner of loiter!

He said to Ben, “Your service starts now!
And injected a scary BLUE vile! Oh wow!”

McCreek then smiled, like he didn’t give a hoot!
And then Ben shouted out the words TOOT! TOOT!

“Did I say that!?” he asked in surprise.
“Yes you did. You’d better get wise
cause you’ll soon go through changes that’ll make you feel bleak!”
said that evil and blackhearted Mr. McCreek!

And at that moment, out of Ben’s back
popped a black with red stripes stout smoke stack!

“What the hell?!” cried Ben in a state of shock!
He ran for the door, but found it was blocked!

And at that moment, his neck shrunk right down
onto his body, worse than wearing a gown!
And ten all of a sudden, before your eyes could blink,
his arms and his legs both started to shrink!
And body started changing into plank of wood!
And nailed together, in the way a BOAT should!
And then all a sudden, his head skin turned to metal!
Not in any way that would make you wanna settle!
And his head then morphed right into a boat bridge!
A bridge with eyes! It hurt just a smidge!

“What the hell is happening?” Ben shouted.

“You really should have thought twice or had a doubted
of a job service which you knew nothing about!”
McCreek mocked Ben while holding a trout!

“My cousin, who’s filling in for me terminally ill injector
whose name I think was either Phil or Hector
and I can help you understand
why you will never again work on land!

McGoiter than stepped in and sat by Ben.
And then he decided to explain things with a grin.

“When upset about losing money do to salaries
to my train engineers, which hurt my business worse than calories
I decided to make antropomorphic trains!
Ones that lived and had real brains!
But I couldn’t just make one  out of thin air!
I needed to make them out of real people with care!
So my lackee went to be a teacher at multiple schools
and searched for parents who were enormous fools
to sell us their kids to turn into engines!
She made them think they would receive pension!
But the kids first had to bomb several tests!
Or else people would wonder why we took students who were best
at their studies. But then after that
we turned the kids into train engines like lickedy splat!
But then I got a visit from my cousin,
that ran a harbor, with boat by the dozen!”

“Yes, my employee salaries were also losing me money!
And that was something I did NOT find funny!
So I asked my cousin how made the train changing formula
and he even let me have his top scientist named Stormula
help me work on making a formula, and  I do hate to Gloat,
turn humans into useful tugboats!
We just modified the trainsformation formula slightly,
and then it worked just real super mightly!
So I had MY lackee start a fake business,
that I believe was some kind of agribusiness
that only hired people in marriages of trouble!
And we offered their spouses cash which was double
what they would ever earn in their life!
They’d then accept my offer to sell their husband or wife!
Then we tell them to go personally complain
about the lack of trips by plane or by train
that they were receiving during their marriage!
Not even riding on a horsedrawn carriage!
So they’d have to accept the offer of money
for the boating service (better than shaving my bunny!)
Then they become tugboats, and I’m just filled with glee
that I now have service which is totally free!”

“While I only use children, my cousin only uses adults
as our opinions different on which will get more results.”
McGoiter said adding in to the explanation.
“And by the way, I’m opening a train station!”
“Well see ya Ben!” Matilda said like a bitch!
“I don’t need you now, cause I’m now filthy rich!”

McGoiter and McCreek smiled as Matilda tried to leave.
And then a man grabbed her by her long red sleeve!

“What’s the meaning of this!?” Matilda asked in exasperation.
“There was one little thing we left out of our explanation:
guilt might cause the parents or spouse’s guilt to cease!
And then they’d no doubt tell the police
about what we our school/service really does.
And they’d put me in jail, along with my cous!
So to keep them quiet, we change them as well,
I think you’ll make a nice whistle or bell!

“I want a bell!” McGoiter suggested.
“YOur butting in is something that should really be tested.
But I like your idea! It’s awesome and swell!”
And McGoiter took the vile to turn people into bells
and injected Matilda, ignoring her scream.
And smiled as he changed as part of their scheme.
Then wearing his signatured smug grin.
He attached Matilda the boatified ben!

Yes Ben now as a yellow tugboat!
Which coincidentally rhymes with McGoat!

McCreek then thank his cousin who left with a wave.
And then he strictly and cautiously gave
his scientists instructions to use the divets
to lower Ben into the water, ignoring rivets
in the system. They did so at once!
Then drove to an industrious harbor!
Not one from the olden days made out of arbor!

Then to the others, it was Ben that he greeted.
Then back to his headquarters he quickly retreated.

A female tugboat named Bonnie then said,
“Sucks being cheated on your spouse, like being dead.”

Ben was in a semi vegetable state
as his fear was shockingly great!

“McCreek duped us too, along with Ms. Jeff.”
said a male tugboat who swam to Ben’s left.
They persuaded us to come here to earn cash
to pay fora  trip that our spouse and us could flash
right to in a milasec! We were totally fooled!
Like the folks who send their kids to McGoiter training school!
But you’ll get used life as a tugboat? What’s your name?”
“My name is Benjamin Fowlington McGoat.”
Ben said back, though slowly indeed.
He was happy to see that these boats could read
his fear and give him kindness and support.
Unlike Matilda, who treated him like a wart!

Matilda then looked at Ben ashamed.
She knew she was going to be blamed
for the trouble she had got them both in
for acting greedy, which is a biblical sin!

Today, the both remain on generally good terms.
Not hating each other like a pile of worms!
They aren’t in love anymore! That’s definetely true!
Love can never come to couple this blue!

But Ben got used to life as a tugboat,
no longer worried about being kicked by a goat!
He now works in the McCreek boat harbor
Usually visited by the Phil the barber.

So like Anthony, Ben lived a happy new life
not by rails but by water! With very little strife!
The very first story that I wrote is going to be revised in a little while to be more profession "The merfolk Tf of the baxter family" and being renamed "An undersea journey". And then I plan to write a fictionalized accoint where Mary Ford, a lady who Diseny rejected as an animator due to her gender gets revenge by turning Walt into a woman...and he learns a lesson!


United States
What's up ahead for me is I'm writing a free commission about a wife, her exe husband and twin girls who get turned itno Barbie dolls and a very loose retelling of the 1932 disney short "Babes in the Woods" to be titled "Officer babes in the Woods".


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